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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Who Will Our subsequent President Be? Uranian Astrologer Foretells Trump's hazard on the Oval office

i am writing this article on Tuesday August 2d, after touring the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and dropping by to see my friend Melva Ortiz. The day trip changed into a perfect way of welcoming the new Moon in Leo.
We fell into talking approximately the approaching election and The Donald's chart. (June 14, 1946 at 10:fifty four am EDT, Queens big apple) I right away noticed that he is getting hit through both the day before today's new Moon (August 1st) and the Lunar Eclipse.

As the new Moon falls smack on his Neptune/Apollon midpoint, it's going to start to turn out to be apparent that he is not presidential fabric. The lunar eclipse could be exactly on the midpoint of his MC and his Mars, and transiting Uranus has simply stationed retrograde square. His Venus/Saturn and the Saturn station direct which begins at the ninth of August will semi-square the Uranus, and his and his Venus/Saturn.

All of a surprising it hit me; the query isn't always will Hillary or Donald win the election, however will the Donald nonetheless be in the race whilst we ultimately get to the election.

proper now, transiting Neptune is sitting on the midpoint of his natal and advanced solar, and transiting Pluto is 22 ½ tiers from his natal sun. moreover, his progressed Moon right now is midpoint transiting Neptune and his progressed solar. His instability is becoming obvious to all and sundry. The combination of Pluto and Neptune aspecting each his natal and stepped forward sun's shows a lack of power.

allow me be the first to bring this on your attention.

after I checked the planetary images being created in his chart at the time of the election, I knew he could now not be elected. starting together with his progressed Moon (feelings) conjunction his Saturn, and as transiting Saturn (limit) might be at the midpoint of his natal and stepped forward sun. next, he can have transiting Neptune (dissolving) sitting on his solar/Mars (will electricity) and semi-squaring his Saturn (restriction) and hitting his Jupiter (growth) by means of half of sun arc. This confirms for me he'll not be our subsequent president.

Now, after searching on the transits hitting his chart right now, I do now not suppose he can be on the poll at the time of the election.

I nearly forgot to say the Mercury retrograde length (miscommunication) coming on the quit of August, and considering that he is a Gemini it's miles crucial.

Mercury will cross retrograde on August thirtieth at 29 Virgo, a single diploma off the cardinal axis midpoint his Neptune and his solar/Moon, alongside along with his Jupiter and the transiting Neptune/Saturn, as transiting Pluto semi-squares his progressed solar.. If he is nonetheless within the race at that time the Mercury retrograde a lot will come to mild about his love /marriage lifestyles. Mercury (communication) will then move direct September twenty first at the midpoint of his progressed sun and the cardinal axis and transiting Saturn will set that off starting November 4th.

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